Downhill Riders Ability Guide

Beginner Rider
Have biked city, country, or dirt roads on varying terrain. Can ride double track, but has very little experience in tighter trails and no experience downhilling.

Novice Rider
Have mountain biked off road on flat terrain. Can ride single track, but has had very little downhill riding experience. No trick or jumping experience at all.

Intermediate Rider
Confident on most single track and have experienced riding downhill in the process. Still cautious with speed, more technical maneuvers, or steep terrain. Have very little trick or jumping experience.

Advanced Rider
Confident riding more technical terrain with natural obstacles (ex: smaller drops, rocks, logs, roots, etc.) in most conditions. Have spent some time trying basic tricks and small jumps. Is ready to learn to ride faster, go down steeper terrain, take bigger air, and generally build confidence with skill.

Expert Rider
Rides very aggressively and is comfortable biking over any natural, and most constructed, obstacles (ex: moderate to large drops, rocks, logs, roots, etc.) at various speeds. Likes to do a number of tricks and take air. Very physically fit. Looking to hone riding skills and learn more tricks of the trade.